Sharp star H6 Mini 1506tv new software SVA2 V10.10.12

hello, viewers today I am sharing the sunplus receiver model Sharp star H6 Mini new software for download. I am sharing below the following software each feature and function details including screenshots. so follow me below.


the following software has the SVA2 menu which is very attractive and beautiful. sunplus receivers manufacturer providing different menus and themes for their clients. see below the menu, software version, and other details in the given screenshot. the software version is V13.01.05 in the following software and the software update time is 13-11- 2020.

Red vision p12 new software Server Option:

the following software has multiple options for the Card sharing system. you will find the Dqcam, Nashare, Nashare Pro, Fire Share. you can also use your costume cccam server/line by using the sharing option. you can see further details in the giving below picture.

Ethernet Connectivity:

for running the Cccam, server, or IPTV packages in the following software we need internet connectivity to our receiver. so for that purpose, we have below multiple options to connect the internet with our receiver, through our internet modem. the following software has the wifi network, wire network, and USB cable network for internet connectivity. for further details, you can see each option in the below screenshot.

Sharp star H6 Mini

Red vision p12 new software IPTV Option:

the software which I am giving to you is offering multiple options for IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television). the following software has the Xtream IPTV ( in Xtream IPTV we can run IPTV with Xtream IPTV codes. which is available on the internet for free and paid. you will also find the Quraan IPTV, Sharp IPTV, Oscar IPTV Series, and much more in this software.

Sharp star H6 Mini

Sharp star H6 Mini

Customer ID:

the following software has the 1352FF0A0800. if you are facing the No match file error during software installation. then you can replace your currently installed software customer id with the above one customer id. every software has mostly different customer id.

Red vision p12 new software Ecast Option:

the ecast option is using for watching your android/smartphone media, pictures, videos on your LED or LCD tv screen. you will need to connect your android phone and satellite receiver to that same wifi connection to use this feature. you can also connect your receiver by turning the hotspot option on your android phone. so the following software has also the Ecast option for you.

Click the below download button to download the following Red vision p12 new software.

hidden menu Code is 1506


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