Joker X Max Bluetooth Satellite Receiver New Software Update

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Joker X Max Bluetooth Specifications:

  •  GX processor, a new version of the advanced GX6605H
    128MB DDR3 SDRAM, 8MB flash
    2 USB ports support PVR recording
    AV output for playing old TVs
    HDMI picture output, 1080 Full HD picture quality
    An internal digital screen built into the receiver to display the channel number and receive the remote signal, meaning you do not have to install the external lens if you like
    An additional external digital lens so that if you hide the device behind the screen, you can see the channel number in the auxiliary LED
    High definition picture with H265 HEVC technology
    Wi-Fi Antenna joker piece gift with device
    Two high-quality material controls, including a Bluetooth remote with new and exclusive shortcuts to easily and easily access and control the internal services of the device.
    Equipped with 3 built-in press keys in the device to turn the channels and turn off and turn on the device from the receiver itself in the event that the remote control disappears or the watch time is lost
    Zoom Signal & Signal tone feature, signal tones for technicians and fans of tuning satellites, frequencies, signals, and movements
    RS232 software port to download the software to the loader from the computer to the device via the software cable
    Plugins and servers
    Forever Server, the latest version of Forever 135 SE, for a period of 15 months, and it is renewable in Ahmed Abu Rufaida paper shop
    Server Orange IPTV for 30 months, renewable
    Professional audio service Radio between Sport private sources
    Internal Time Shift for Video Delay up to 27 seconds
    The possibility of automatic tuning of the audio Auto Delay
    For the first time in Forever devices in cooperation with the Al-Ghouss team and the Joker company, Two additional audio sources have been added for the Joker company
    Supports TXT DVB simultaneous translation
    Supports Dolby digital sound technology
    Supports the Multistrem feature
    Up to 8000 channels capacity
    EPG feature to display channel program information
    Arabic YouTube
    Quran Library
    Supports the feature of linking the mobile with the receiver and displaying the phone’s content on the screen, videos, audio clips, pictures, programs, YouTube, and a big night for your happiness
    Supports Internet connection via Wi-Fi Antenna, 3G and Convert Lan 9700 run the way you like
    A new streamlined shape for the menus and menus, which is smooth in handling
    Supports Cccam, Newcam, and Mgcam subscriptions
    Support all Biss & Power VU cipher keys
    Supports the Extreme platform to subscribe to any IPTV service
    Online, created to automatically download the latest drivers and files
    The possibility of adjusting the color quality and clarity of the receiver itself
    Supports all display formats
    1080p-50HZ & 1080pi-50HZ & 576i.576p.720p-50HZ
    Supports Blind Search and automatic addition of new frequencies
    Play most of the files and formats from the flash drive, the most important of which is MB4
    Recording from a channel and watching another channel on the same frequency at the same time
    Internet Radio supports all stations of the world


Joker X Max Bluetooth


Joker X Max Bluetooth Latest Firmware Download.

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