How to recover your dead satellite receiver?

Hello, Viewers today in this article we will learn about How to recover your dead satellite receiver with the Loader tools Recovery method. read more about satellite receivers on

In case of wrong firmware installation or any other reason when your satellite Receiver goes dead, so then you can recover your Receiver with two methods, one is the Loader tool and the other one is the Bio programmer, So we will learn about the Loader tool here, you might hear about the loader tool,

Method 1, installation firmware with loader tools.


What’s the Loader tool?

basically here is the meaning of loader tool is a Windows Software for injection or Installation the firmware to any satellite Receiver through the Rs232 cable.

What’s Rs232 Cable?

For the software Installation through the loader tools, we need three main connections TRX, GND, .. from our Receiver the main ic to Loader tools.rs232 db9 cable
For the collection of this three Connection we will use the Rs232 or DB9 Cable, here is the Rs232 picture.

You can purchase the Rs232 cable in any electronic market very easily, or can do purchase from your favorite online shopping store, there is 3 kind of Rs232 cables in the market, so we need to learn about each cable Use.

How to recover your dead satellite receiver


Rs232 female to female Cable.

If you have a PC / computer and have tha Rs232 Port in the backside then you will need to buy only one Rs232 female to female Cable from the market, it’s enough for the installation or injecting the firmware to your satellite Receiver.

How to recover your dead satellite receiver
Rs232 female to male cable.

Rs232 female to male cable.

There’s another Rs232 cable which called female to male Rs232 cable, but you don’t need to use that cable for the purpose of the satellite Receiver loader, because every Receiver has by default the mini Rs232 male cable, so you can’t connect the female to male Rs232 cable.


Rs232 male to USB cable.

How to recover your dead satellite receiver
Rs232 male to USB cable.

If you don’t have PC / computer and have a laptop and you want to use the loader with your laptop, so be noted that there’s 10% laptop which has the Rs232 Port, if your laptop doesn’t have an Rs232 Port then you will need to buy two cables for using the loader.

1. Rs232 female to female Cable which we discussed in the first step above.
2. Rs232 male to USB converter cable.

Mostly laptop doesn’t have the rs232 port so in that case, we need to convert the Rs232 cable to USB format, for that purpose we can use the Rs232 male to USB converter cable which is also available in market easily.

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After arranging these both cables I mean the Rs232 male to USB and the Rs232 female to female Cable, you can connect your laptop to your Satellite Receiver main ic, and can use the loader tool for installing the software. you are reading an article about How to recover your dead satellite receiver.


Method 2, Installation firmware with bios programmer:

There are thousands of different qualities of satellite Receiver in the digital satellite world, so if you need to recover your Receiver or upgrade your Receiver and your satellite Receiver have not the Rs232 Port, then, in that case, you have the last option for your upgrading or recovering of your satellite Receiver through the Bio programmer.

With the help of a bios Programmer, you can install the firmware in hundred of electronic Devices in

rt809f programmer
rt809f programmer

the market, there’s a lot of bios Programmer in the market like RT809f, RT809H, or Ch341a USB mini programmer.

For recovering or upgrading firmware through BIOS flashing Programmer you need to remove the main flashing ic from your satellite Receiver, so the installation of the firmware through the programmer is a 95% Confirm option but it’s a bit technically complicated also.

You should have the experience to remove the main ic from your Receiver with a heat gun etc, you can watch lots of videos about using the BIOS flashing Programmer on YouTube for learning.

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