How to create channels backup in different satellite receivers via usb flash

How to create channels backup in different Satellite Receivers.

Hello, Viewers today in this article we will learn about how to create a backup of digital Satellite Receivers channels data in different Receivers.
I’ll show you in this article 3 different Processor Surplus Processor, Ali 3510 Processor, and Gx Processor Receivers channels backup method.

Sunplus processor Receivers channels backup method.

Might you used Sunplus 1506g 1507g 1506t 1506tv 1506lv Sunplus 1506c etc Receivers in your experience, so in that Receivers you can create a Channels data backup almost with the same method,

Step 1.How to create channels backup

First of all, insert your USB flash to your satellite Receiver and then Go to Settings Menu and then Upgrade Menu where You are updating the Sunplus Processor Software through USB.

Step 2.

Click on the upgrade Option and select your USB flash, when you select Your USB flash you will see the Save flash and Save DB option below on this window, click the blue button for saving the channels data backup, after doing this your Channels backup data will create in your USB flash with the name of db.bin, if you want to save whole Software backup then click on the green button and your Software backup will save with the name of flashfile.bin in your USB flash.

How to create channels backup







Step 3.

How to re Install Channels data Backup in Sunplus Processor Software.
If You want to install the channels backup which you created, Install again in your Receiver so you can do it very easy, just go to settings and then Upgrade and then click on Upgrade and select your USB flash and then select the db.bin file and hit ok, your Channels backup file will restore In few seconds.

How to create a backup in Ali 3510 Receivers.

Might You used Ali 3510c Ali 3510d or Ali3510a Receivers, so most users have no idea to create the channels backup file in that Ali 3510 series Because it’s a bit complicated.
But today I’m going to Share With You that how you can create channels backup file in your Ali 3510c Ali3510d or Ali3510a Receivers. So there are two different methods to save your Channels backup in Ali 3510 Receivers.

How to create channels backup

Method No 1.

In the first method when you are installing your new software to your Receiver, so you have to do How to create channels backupsome basic settings in your Receiver upgrade menu, Go to the Upgrade menu where you are installing the software and select your Software to install, but before you start the installation process, just Change the Upgrade Mode to “App Code” and then hit Start button, so after that small setting your new software will be Install but your Channels will remain as it is.

Method  No 2.

if You installed the new software without doing the above setting which I mentioned, so, in that ali 3510c backupcase, you will lose your channels data and now you will install the channels again Manually by using the search option in your Receiver. after installing all the channels and setting now you want to save your Channels data Backup, so now you have to go to the upgrade menu and select the upgrade mode to Backup All-flash, or Backup, or Dump, it depends on Your Software.

After Selecting the upgrade mode now hit ok on the start button, and waiting for the backup process. Be noted before that process you have to insert your USB flash into your satellite Receiver. Now Your Backup is completed and if want to install that backup in the future by losing your Channels data, you can do it easily.

How to create channels backup
Just go to the upgrade menu and then select the upgrade mode to User DB and then hit Enter on the Start button and wait for the process, so your new channels backup will install successfully.
Below I’m sharing the screenshot for better understanding.


How to create and install Channels backup in Gx6605s Receivers.

The channels backup creating method in Gx6605s Receivers is similar to the Ali 3510 Receivers.
First of all, insert your USB flash drive to your satellite Receiver and then go to utility, or setting where you will find the software upgrade Option, same as when you install the new software in your Receiver. also read this How to recover your dead satellite receiver?

find the upgrade Option and select the upgrade mode to dump, and then hit Ok on the start button, and wait for the process. after completing the process your backup file will save to your USB flash with the name of dump_all.bin file, be noted it’s your whole Software backup, not only channels backup.
So After creating the backup now if you want to install only channels backup in your Receiver, just go to Software upgrade Menu and select the upgrade mode to User DB and hit the ok to start button, so your Channels backup will be Install in few seconds.

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