How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control

Hello, viewers today I am going share with you that how you can change the remote control of one of the National Chip Gx6605s Receivers. for more info about the national chip click here Some times we need to alternative Software to enjoy some extra functionality in our digital satellite Receiver, but after installation, the alternative Software our Receiver original Remote will not work.

So for that purpose, you need to add your original Software remote. follow me with the below steps to do changing of Remote file for the Gx6605s satellite receivers.


Step 1 Creating the backup.

First of all, we will need to have the original Remote file of our current Installed Software so that’s why we will create a backup of our Installed Software.
Follow me on how to create the backup file of Software in Gx6605s.
Inset the USB flash into your satellite Receiver.

Now go-to Upgrade menu and click on Upgrade Option, Now select the method of Upgrade to dump, Now click on the path and And select the USB you insert in Your Receiver and then tap on Ok Button.

see below in the screenshot

How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control

Now, wait for the Process after it reaches 100% then remove the USB from your Receiver.
Now go to your laptop or pc screen copy the backup which you created recently.

How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control

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Step 2 Extraction of the software.

Now open the following Software which I’m giving below the Gx6605s unpack repack. after that Now click on select software option and select the backup file with the name of your Receiver with the name of “dumpall.bin”. Now click on extract, Your backup file will be extracted with the same name dump_all_extracted folder.

How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control

Step3 Copy the remote file.

in 3rd step of How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control, we need to use another Software with the name of NewTuxFlash_Tool. Open the NewTuxFlash_Tool and click on open and select the extracted folder of your backup Software.
In this folder, you will be select the Root.bin file.

How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control


Click on the root.bin file the file will be open further, Now click on dvb, then click on the theme folder.
In the theme folder, you will find the keymap.xml file.
That’s is the remote file which we need to use in our new Software.
Copy the keymap.xml file to the desktop or anywhere, you are reading an article about How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control

Step4 replacing of the remote file.

in the 4th step of How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control we need to extract the new Software, so go again to Gx unpack repack tool, Open the software click the Open button, and select the software which remote you want to change.
After selecting the file click on the extract and your new Software file will be extracted on a desktop with the same name as a file folder.

Now open again the NewTuxFlash_Tool and repeat the process which we did recently.
Click on open and select the new Software extracted folder, open the folder and select the Root.bin file from it, and then click on open.
Now go to dvb folder and then go-to theme folder, now here you will need to replace the keymap.xml file.
Just drag and drop the keymap.xml file from the desktop which we were copied before.

After drag and drop you will see the Popup window, click on yes in that Popup window and then click on the save button on the right top of the Newtux_bux tool.

How to Change Gx6605s Remote Control


Step5 the final step.

Now you will need the final Process, in the final Process, you will to have open again the Gx6605s unpack repack tool and select the New Software extracted folder.
After selecting the extracted folder, click on repack and wait for the process completion.

Gx6605s unpack repack

After doing these all step your New Software remote change to your old Software remote control and your file will be saved on the desktop or anywhere you select.


Download the Gx6605s unpack repack tool

Gx6605s Unpack Repack tool

Download the Newtuxbox Flash tool


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