FAQs About LED/LCD Software

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Questions and Answers (Q&A) How to Load Firmware:

Q. When I tried to upgrade 1% says upgrading error!!?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q: Is USB size matter?

A: No, USB size does not matter. But the file system must be FAT32.

Q. During Firmware Installation, it said “loading data 1%” and stuck?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q. I have started booting the television but it’s showing only 1% loading data and not moving at all?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q. I am trying to load firmware but the USB disk does not boot.

A. Make sure, the USB disk is FAT32 formatted and empty. Otherwise, change the USB disk

Q. kabhi 41 Percent pe Stuck ho jata hy or LCD restart ho Jati hy. Or kabhi 60% pe Upgrading error aa jata hy?

A. Change USB Disk or Pen drive

Q. My smart LED TV is on Red light. Should I install firmware?

A. No. Hardware Issue.

Q. should I load the firmware first and then the resolution file?

A. No, the firmware and resolution files are the same. just install as per your panel resolution

Q. Screen displays Upgrade Error during software installation. what should I do?

A. Change Pen drive or USB disk.

Q. Non-Smart TV hang on Logo. what should I do?

A. Clean the System IC or rewrite the firmware.

Q. Non-Smart TV is on Red Light only. what should I do?

A. First, check all board voltage. If found ok then write firmware.

Q. Smart LED TV, when power on it is restarting continuously without display?

A. Check Main Board Power Supply.

Q. Firmware not loading even the red light blinks. what should I do?

A. Make sure the bin files are in a USB disk without any folder. USB disk or Program may also not be compatible.

Credit Goes for these above FAQs to Kazmi Elecom.

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