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5851-A7M01B-0P10 Smart LED Specifications:

Make: China

Board Model: 5851-A7M01B-0P10

Display Format: FHD

Screen Type: LED

RAM Capacity: GB DDR3

Storage Memory: NAND Flash

Screen Resolution: 1366×768

Firmware Type: USB Update

Firmware Name: 5844-A8R32t-0P00.img

Product User: Philco, Skyworth, Ken Brown Kb32s2000

5851-A7M01B-0P10 Smart 4K LED TV MotherBoard:


Download 5851-A7M01B-0P10 LED TV Board Firmware:

How to Download 5851-A7M01B-0P10 LED TV Software From Receiver Pro?

  1. If Your Require file is In Multiple Parts then.
  2. Download all parts of 5851-A7M01B-0P10 LED Software.
  3. Now Extract any One part With them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  4. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.
  5. Now Copy the Extracted file into the USB Drive.
File Name
5851-A7M01B-0P10 Skyworth Philco.part1
6 downloads55.00 MB
5851-A7M01B-0P10 Skyworth Philco.part2
3 downloads45.08 MB
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