TP.S506.PB818 China/Universal LED TV Board Software Backup Dump Free Download.

TP.S506.PB818 Specifications:

  • Board Make: China
  • Board Model: TP.S506.PB818
  • Main Chipset: S21506
  • Panel Interface: Single channel or Dual-channel LVDS
  • Key Button Functions: CH-/CH+/MENU/VOL-/VOL+Souce/Power
  • Multi-Language: Yes

TP.S506.PB818 LED TV Main Board.

image Credit: AliExpress

How to Download & install the TP.S506.PB818 Software from this Site?

It is important to ensure that the TP.S506.PB818 software you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

TP.S506.PB818 Board USB Firmware Free Download.

File Name
TP.S506.PB818 Condor LED32H4000 Dump Flash
20 downloads3.28 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Akai LT3223 Dump Flash
22 downloads3.61 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Condor LED32H4010 Dump Flash
7 downloads3.22 MB
TP.S506.PB818 General Gold LED32LB5610 Dump Flash
10 downloads3.28 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Elite LED-1617 Dump Flash
21 downloads3.28 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Master TL321 Dump Flash
19 downloads3.19 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Krohlel 32 TKD-32-DL Dump Flash
9 downloads3.25 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Polaroid TQL28R4PR003.112 Dump Flash
10 downloads3.86 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Sonic LED3208TNT Dump Flash
14 downloads3.27 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Roxon RX32D16A Dump Flash
5 downloads3.26 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Starlight SL-32E31S Dump Flash
8 downloads3.29 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Starlight SL-32D2200 Dump Flash
25 downloads3.30 MB
TP.S506.PB818 TD Systems K32DLM6H Dump Flash
19 downloads3.21 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Vision VTTV A3201 Dump Flash
19 downloads3.29 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Telstar LED2938D Dump Flash
9 downloads3.90 MB
TP.S506.PB818 Vortex LEDV-28CT800 Dump Flash
6 downloads6.57 MB
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