TNM5000 Programmer Software Free Download

Download TNM5000 USB ISP EPROM Programmer Latest Software Update. TNM5000 Universal Programmer Software Download. TNM5000 Programmer Software 2021- 2022 Free Download. TNM5000 Universal Programmer New Firmware Download.

TNM5000 Universal Programmer Specifications.

Package included:
1PC TNM5000 Programmer
1PC USB Cable
1PC Installation CD
1PC ISP cable

TNM5000 Selling Points:
1. very fast because we use USB 2 to connect to the PC
2. PIN detect and detect of ic, for example in pin detect if one or more pins in the chip do connect at the ZIF socket TNM5000 will inform you
3. device list is 23000 chip
4. no need for a power supply

TNM 5000 Programmer Feature:
* 23000+ Supported Devices Flash Memory (Parallel / Nand /Serial), EPROM, EEPROM, Serial EEPROM, Microcontroller, NVRAM, FRAM, CPLD, PLD, FPGA).

* 48-Pins ZIF Socket with Pin Continuity tester & 10-Pins ISP/JTAG Connector.

* USB 2.0 High Speed, Program 1 Gbit Nand Flash less than 50 sec, Reading Serial Flash memory with 6 Mbit/Sec Speed.

* Auto-detection of most flash Memories/Microcontrollers with the Device ID.

* User-friendly software for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 (32,64 bits). In addition, can support multiple languages (English / Chinese / Arabic / French /FARSI/Russian/Polish……). More languages & Devices can be added by customer request. You Can Download Software & run it in Demo mode to evaluate it.

* Special Abilities like Altera U S B B l a s t e r Emulation for Quartus Software, Serial Port Emulation, Vehicle ECU, Immobilizer & Dashboard microcontroller Support.

TNM5000 Programmer is a very fast, Low cost, High-performance Universal Programmer, specially designed for supporting Flash memories, Nand flashes, Serial EEPROMS, Microcontrollers & Automotive ECU, and Dashboard parts.

The Heart of TNM5000 is a 500.0000 Gate FPGA with a designed CPU core with a 96MHz Clock for fast programming of chips.

TNM5000 Universal Programmer Latest Firmware Update.

File Name
TNM5000-7000 Programmer V1098a – 29/09/2022
158 downloads34 MB
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