Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Boot Problem Solution

How To Solve Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Receiver Boot Problem Solution? Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Stuck On Boot.

Reasons Behind the Boot Stuck Problem In Tiger T3000 Mega Receiver?

  1. Power failure
  2. Using wrong or incompatible software

if you did any mistake or upgrade the wrong Software or cut the power during the installation of the Software if Your Tiger T3000 Mega Receiver is stuck on Boot then how you will recover it, I’m the admin of Receiver Pro and you are reading this post on Receiver Pro, So follow me for the boot problem solution of your Receiver.


First of all Download the below-given software from the link below then formats your USB flash drive with the NTFS or FAT32 Format system. please use the virus-free USB flash drive, otherwise, the process will disturb. after completing the format Process of your USB flash.


Create a Folder inside your USB Drive Root area. folder Name Shall be RomUpdate. the file that you downloaded from the link below is named RomUpdate. Now You Cut and paste the RomUpdate file into your USB flash drive.



Now turn off the Receiver and turn it on again, after turning on the receiver again, Press and hold the power button on the front panel of the Receiver or you can also use the remote control  Power Button. Please Keep Pressing until you don’t see the Upgrade Option On the Receiver LCD Screen.

when you see the Upgrade Option On the Receiver LCD Screen, Wait for a few seconds for the update to start and remove your hand from the power button. Once the recovery process is completed. The receiver will reboot itself and come to normal functions.

after completing the installation process your box may take 4 to 5 minutes time for a reboot, so you have to wait. Now remove your USB flash drive, your Receiver is Now recovered successfully. see in the picture below.

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