T.R85.A81 China/Universal LED TV Board Software Backup Dump Free Download.

T.R85.A81 Service Code: Menu+1147

T.R85.A81 Specifications:

  • Model No. T.R85.A81
  • Main Chipset: RDA 8501
  • Display Format: up to 1920×1200
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10
  • Board Size: 168.00 X 42.0 (mm)

T.R85.A81 LED TV Main Board.

How to Download & Install the T.R85.A81 Software from this Site?

It is important to ensure that the T.R85.A81 software you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

T.R85.A81 Board USB Firmware Free Download.

File Name
T.R85.A81 1024X768 Firmware.zip
11 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1366X768 Firmware.zip
3 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1280X1024 Firmware.zip
7 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1400X1050 Firmware.zip
2 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1600X1200 Firmware.zip
12 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1440X900 Firmware.zip
19 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1600X900 Firmware.zip
0 download0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1920X1080 Firmware.zip
3 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1680X1050 Firmware.zip
7 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 1920X1200 Firmware.zip
7 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81-1920X1080 MIRROR.zip
5 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81-1920X1080 NORMAL.zip
4 downloads0.00 KB
T.R85.A81 Universal LED TV Board Info.rar
5 downloads116.84 KB
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