T.R83.816 Firmware Free Download

T.R83.816 China/Universal LED Tv Board Firmware Download Free. T.R83.816 USB Software Update Download. T.R83.816 Board Bin Backup Dump File Download.

T.R83.816 Service Code: Menu+1147

T.R83.816 MotherBoard Picture.

image Credit: Alibaba
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It is important to ensure that the software you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

T.R83.816 China/Universal LED TV Board Firmware Download.

File Name
T.R83.816 1366. LOGO SONY BRAVIYA 4K.zip
12 downloads3.37 MB
T.R83.816 1366×768 General.zip
3 downloads3.58 MB
T.R83.816 1366×768 Firmware.zip
13 downloads10.41 MB
T.R83.816 1366×768 USB Firmware.zip
9 downloads17.61 MB
T.R83.816 1366×768 Samsung.zip
4 downloads7.21 MB
T.R83.816 1366×768 USB.zip
3 downloads3.59 MB
T.R83.816 Backup Dump.zip
4 downloads3.58 MB
T.R83.816 1388×768.zip
1 download3.58 MB
T.R83.816 samsung 1366.rar
9 downloads3.55 MB
T.R83.816 More Resolutions.zip
5 downloads6.83 MB
5 downloads3.58 MB
10 downloads3.76 MB
7 downloads6.83 MB
5 downloads7.44 MB
15 downloads11.13 MB
4 downloads3.76 MB
T.R85.A81 Universal LED TV Board Info.rar
4 downloads116.84 KB
12 downloads28.86 MB
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