MediaStar MS-Mini 2525 Forever Boot Problem Solution

Mediastar MS-Mini 2525 Forever Boot Problem Solution. how to Solve Mediastar MS-Mini 2525 Forever Boot Problem? In case of any Mistake if Your Satellite Receiver MS-Mini 2525 Forever Is Stuck on Boot. So how you will Recover your Receiver?.


  1. Download the below Software by Clicking the Download Button
  2. You will get the Software with the name GxRom
  3. Format your USB Flash with Default format system of your Windows Recommended ( Not Necessary ) 
  4. Copy the GxRom File to the USB Root folder (without any folder)
  5. Now Insert the USB into Your Satellite Receiver USB Port.
  6. Now Turn Off the Receiver and Turn It On Again.
  7. After Turn On Keep Pressing Continuously the Power Button of The Receiver Until you did not See the Upgrade Option On the Receiver LCD.
  8. When you will See the Upgrade Option, Now Release the Power Button and Wait for the Process.
  9. after Reaching 100% of the Process Now Remove the USB and Your Receiver will Reboot Successfully itself. that is it.

Digital Satellite Receiver Mediastar MS-MINI 2525 Forever Mother Board.


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