Are you Looking for a Reliable Source to Download Software for Your HK-T.RT2995V01 LED TV Board? So you are in the right place. Here you Can Download Software or Backup File for the Recovery & Upgrading purposes of the HK-T.RT2995V01 LED TV Board.

HK-T.RT2995V01 Specifications & Information

  • Model: HK-T.RT2995V01
  • Main Chipset: RT29
  • Resolution Supported: 3840×2160
  • OS: Android 4.2.1
  • Ram: 1 Gb
  • Rom: 8Gb
  • Firmware File: Install.img
  • Product User: Toshiba

HK-T.RT2995V01 MotherBoard Picture.

image credit: AliExpress

HK-T.RT2995V01 Bin Backup Dump File Download.

How to Download the Following Software From this Site?

It is important to ensure that the HK-T.RT2995V01 Firmware you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

  1. Download all parts of the Given Software.
  2. Now Extract any One part Of them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  3. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.
  4. Now Copy the Extracted file into the USB Drive.
File Name
HK-T.RT2995V01 1920×1080 Toshiba L4300.part1.rar
7 downloads50.00 MB
HK-T.RT2995V01 1920×1080 Toshiba L4300.part3.rar
4 downloads50.00 MB
HK-T.RT2995V01 1920×1080 Toshiba L4300.part2.rar
3 downloads50.00 MB
HK-T.RT2995V01 1920×1080 Toshiba L4300.part5.rar
3 downloads31.22 MB
HK-T.RT2995V01 1920×1080 Toshiba L4300.part4.rar
3 downloads50.00 MB
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