CV338H-A50 Software Free Download

CV338H-A50 LED Tv Board Firmware Download Free. CV338H-A50 USB Software Update Download. CV338H-A50 Board Bin Backup Dump File Download.

CV338H-A50 Service Menu Code: 2580

CV338H-A50 MotherBoard Picture.

image Credit: AliExpress
How to Download the following Software from our Site Receiver Pro?
It is important to ensure that the software you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

CV338H-A50 LED TV Board Firmware Download.

How to Download CV338H-A50 Software From this Site?

  1. Download all parts of CV338H-A50 Software.
  2. Now Extract any One part With them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  3. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.
  4. Now Copy the Extracted file into the USB Drive.

CV338H-A50 EMMC, Voltage Chart and Other Files

File Name
CV338H-A50, A42, A32, Remote & Logo File
185 downloads3.1 MB
71 downloads203.25 KB
36 downloads192.92 KB


File Name
CV338H-A50 VIDEOTEX 55inch 1G 8G
24 downloads432 MB
CV338H-A50 T1712 102K_700MA
10 downloads334 MB
CV338H-A50 PNL V500HJ1 PE8
15 downloads375 MB
CV338H-A50 Mitashi MiDE050v02 FS Firmware
15 downloads1.4 GB
CV338H-A50 3840×2160 T550QVN05.0
8 downloads328 MB
CV338H-A50 3840×2160 HV550QUB N5A
8 downloads337 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 ST4851B01 1
21 downloads283 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 Samsung IR
31 downloads378 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 NIKAI Panel ST4851B01
30 downloads374 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 Magic
16 downloads260 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 IKON
25 downloads375 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 General
45 downloads282 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 FULL HD
98 downloads375 MB
CV338H-A50 1920×1080 1G 4G Samsung Remote
56 downloads358 MB
CV338H-A50 1366×768 Samsung
13 downloads325 MB
CV338H-A50 1366×768 1G 4G Samsung Remote
29 downloads350 MB
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