CV306L-B-20 China/Universal LED TV Board Software Backup Dump Free Download.

CV306L-B-20ervice Code: Menu+1147

CV306L-B-20 Specifications:

  • Make: China
  • Board Model: CV306L-B-20
  • Maximum Current for USB: 500mA
  • Flash IC: 4MB
  • Firmware Type: Backup Dump

CV306L-B-20 LED TV Main Board.

image Credit: Spares2Repair

How to Download & install the CV306L-B-20 Software from this Site?

It is important to ensure that the CV306L-B-20 software you want to download for your LED/LCD TV is compatible with your specific TV model or MotherBoard. Please READ these Important Instructions Before Downloading the Software.

CV306L-B-20 Board USB Firmware Free Download.

File Name
CV306L-S MYTV TE22 MFY 488
5 downloads3.1 MB
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